Moses and the Burning Bush

Learn from Dr. Sproul the significance of the biblical narrative of Moses and the burning bush. In this course you will discover how the coming of Christ is foreshadowed in the meeting between God and Moses.

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About this course

The familiar narrative of Moses and the burning bush evokes wonder and awe, but do you know God’s motives for revealing Himself in this manner to Moses? In this course, R.C. Sproul examines the biblical account of Moses’ life-altering encounter with the Holy God. Through ten lectures, he explains the meaning behind God’s appearance in the burning bush as well as the importance of His words to Moses. Furthermore, Dr. Sproul demonstrates how the coming of Jesus Christ is foreshadowed in this meeting between God and Moses on holy ground.

This course has been approved by the Association of Christian Schools International for one Continuing Education Unit.

Course Path Overview

  • Getting Started

    • Welcome to Moses and the Burning Bush

      • to-do Review Course Material
      • to-do Update Your Student Profile
      • to-do Introduce Yourself
  • The Invisible Hand of God

    • Lesson 1: The Invisible Hand of God

      • watch The Invisible Hand of God
      • read Bible Reading
      • Take Lesson 1 Self-Assessment
  • The Burning Bush

    • Lesson 2: The Burning Bush

      • watch The Burning Bush
      • read Bible Reading
      • Take Lesson 2 Self-Assessment
  • A Consuming Fire

    • Lesson 3: A Consuming Fire

      • watch A Consuming Fire
      • read Bible Reading
      • Take Lesson 3 Self-Assessment
  • The Angel of the Lord

    • Lesson 4: The Angel of the Lord

      • watch The Angel of the Lord
      • read Bible Reading
      • Take Lesson 4 Self-Assessment
  • Holy Ground

    • Lesson 5: Holy Ground

      • watch Holy Ground
      • read Bible Reading
      • Take Lesson 5 Self-Assessment
  • AM

    • Lesson 6: I AM: The Name of God

      • watch I AM: The Name of God
      • read Bible Reading
      • Take Lesson 6 Self-Assessment
    • Lesson 7: I AM: The Being of God

      • watch I AM: The Being of God
      • read Bible Reading
      • Take Lesson 7 Self-Assessment
    • Lesson 8: I AM: The Aseity of God

      • watch I AM: The Aseity of God
      • read Bible Reading
      • Take Lesson 8 Self-Assessment
  • A Divine Mission

    • Lesson 9: A Divine Mission

      • watch A Divine Mission
      • read Bible Reading
      • Take Lesson 9 Self-Assessment
  • A Shadow of Christ

    • Lesson 10: A Shadow of Christ

      • watch A Shadow of Christ
      • read Bible Reading
      • Take Lesson 10 Self-Assessment